Multi-Factor Authentication

Neutralize the risks associated with compromised credentials by enforcing multi-factor authentication using a broad set of mechanisms.

Reduce risk of account compromise up to 99% by implementing free to use Sectona MFA.

Benefits of Sectona MFA

Plug & Play Setup

Secure privileged users or vendors in a single step.


Enforce multi-factor authentication for all access layers via direct access, client or browser.

Free to Use

Sectona MFA capabilities come free with the Platform. One can also use authenticators from Microsoft, Google, Okta, Onelogin, Duo.

Purpose-Built for Securing Privileged Users at Every Step

Enforce Additional MFA for Every Session

Administrators work on long duration and can overlook security controls, reduce risk of sharing of tokens for re-enforcing MFA for every access to assets.

Reduce Friction with Adaptive Authentication

Standard MFA uses static methods to authenticate everytime they login into application. Use inbuilt adaptive capabilities to improve user experience.

Start Discovering your Assets and Privileged Accounts

Supported Factors

SMS & Email

Receive one-time codes over email or SMS using inbuilt Sectona MFA capabilities.

Soft Tokens

Use tokens generated on Sectona Mobile app or third party supported apps.

Hardware Tokens

Generate OTPs using radius supported third applications.

Push Authentication

Approve access leveraging Push authentication supported by third party supported.


Trusted by Leading Organizations

Implement in minutes and onboard workloads across multiple clouds. Discovery, Secure Passwords and Secrets. Empower every team from vendors to application users via a single platform.

Case Study | 2 min. read
93 year old Dhanlaxmi Bank upholds mission of innovation and customer satisfaction with Sectona
Case Study | 2 min. read
RSwitch uses Sectona PAM for secure transaction processing, in line with the RNDPS
Case Study | 2 min. read
Nation’s best broker secures platform that facilitate over 800,000 trades per day with Sectona
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A Pioneer Packaging Group Trusts Sectona to Secure its Infrastructure to help Deliver World-class Services
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Find how EGI secures business critical applications with Sectona to deliver excellence round-the-clock

Explore the Platform

Achieve more with easy to configure integrated components

Continuous Discovery

Secure privileged accounts with continuous discovery and vaulting.

Password Management

Manage and rotate passwords & ssh keys with embedded & encrypted vaulting.

Secure Remote Access

Enable VPN-less remote access for modern workforce.

Session Recordings & Threat Analytics

Advanced session monitoring for all privileged activities with risk-profiling & behaviour-based analytics.

Just-in-Time Access

Remove standing privileges and leverage combination of approaches to implement JIT policie

Privileged Task Management

Reduce risk of excessive privilege by automating & delegating IT operations task.

Account Lifecycle Management

Streamline account provisioning, de-provisioning, and operations with complete control.

Windows Privilege Management

Control and secure administrator account usage on your organization’s Windows systems

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