Remove Administrator Rights


Provision of always-on access for the workforce with complete administrator control potentially increases ransomware and lateral movement risk. Local administrator accounts on endpoints or user account with ungoverned administrative privileges are risky and expose possible areas for attackers to inject malware.


Simplify Least Privileged Management on Windows Endpoints

  • Lock Down Privileges on Endpoints

    Most organizations choose user convenience over endpoint security leaving the door open for external or insider user attack. Define policies for elevation on need-basis

  • On-demand Privilege Elevation

    Elevate privileges per application basis for users within the network or for offline users.

  • Stop Unknown Application Execution

    Block unknown applications and define policy-driven methods to allow whitelisted applications and restrictive administrative privileges.


Simplify Least Privileged Management on Windows Endpoints

Reduce IT Burden and Simplify Security Operations

Free up IT resources and simplify security operations by enabling policies to reduce administrative tasks.

Improve User Productivity

With defined workflows and no human interaction, users can get access to requested privileges faster.

Reduce Vulnerabilities & Strengthen Security

Enforce least privilege policies to enable users with the right access at the right time. Users authenticate with normal accounts and request elevated access when needed.

Explore the Platform

Achieve more with easy to configure integrated components

Password Management

Manage and rotate passwords and ssh keys with embedded & encrypted vaulting

Just-in-Time Access

Remove standing privileges and leverage combination of approaches to implement JIT policie

Windows Privilege Management

Control and secure administrator account usage on your organization’s Windows systems

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