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Privileged Access

The Way You Want it

Effortlessly eliminate risk of shared credentials, privilege account abuse  &
unmonitored access using  automated password management
& cross-platform access technology

See Whats Possible

Do More. Automate More. Secure More.

Sectona combines an integrated approach of monitoring privileged access across your environment with powerful automated password management to help you tackle modern cyber-attacks

Secure Privileged Access Anywhere, Anytime

Protect your critical IT assets & accounts across on-premise or cloud environments while enabling secure seamless access from any OS, any platform anytime 

Prevent Data Breaches

Manage and monitor privileged accounts with robust threat analytics by leveraging our integrated platform engineered from ground-up to protect you against insider misuse and external cyber-attacks

Achieve Compliance With Confidence

Stay in control of compliance management frameworks with our product’s built-in reports and deep privileged user audit trails to help you comply with PCI-DSS, GDPR, FERPA or others

The Modern Integrated
Privileged Access Management Suite

Cross-Platform Access

Use the OS, platform or browser of your choice to access privileged sessions from anywhere with cross-platform access technology

Threat Analytics

Track & analyze all criticial user access to identify potential threats with self-learn risk scoring engine & first-rate dashboards  

Collaborative Sessions

Reduce dependence on third party screen sharing tools & empower remote users to collobrate over criticial sessions securely & uninhibited with plugin-less collaboration

Hybrid Discovery

Increase visibility of criticial IT assets & privileged accounts across hosted & cloud infrastructure with advanced discovery engine

Privileged Account Provisioning

Manage the lifecycle of privileged accounts from provisioning to de-provisioning across a range of systems with account provisioning

Privileged Task Automation

Eliminate unnecessary privileges & minimize human error while acheving significant resource savings with routine task automation

Explore Solutions 

Discover how Sectona Privileged Access Management platform can help meet your requirements

Enhance Administrator Productivity

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Secure Remote Access

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Manage Hybrid Cloud Environments

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Password Management For MSP Operations

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Breach No More

Find out how our cross platform & integrated privileged access management approach can help you. Request a demo of the Spectra privileged access management platform.