Simplify Access to Cloud Environment


The transition from traditional to hybrid infrastructure or 100% cloud infrastructure is complex in nature and inherently high risk. For optimal security, organizations have to rethink trust in endpoints, identity authentication, and access methods. With a higher and dynamic user base requiring access to infrastructure, the potential for a breach is significantly higher.


Enable Access from Single Console for Users with Sectona

Sectona provides deep integration with virtual platforms, cloud consoles, operating systems, databases and network devices allowing all users to access via a single console.

  • Manage Identities and Authentication

    Easily leverage integration with AD and other directory stores and MFA options including Google, Microsoft to secure user’s authentication.

  • Expedite Onboarding

    Continuously discover resources with deep API integration with cloud providers and leverage dynamic grouping to provide quick access based on policy sets.

  • Enable VPN-Less Remote Access

    Provide secure access using browser-based sessions, SSH proxies or traditional jump servers based on security protocols. Monitor and record every session with comprehensive session activity details.


One Less Burden in Your Cloud Management

Seamless Access to all IT Resources

Unify all your IT infrastructure over a single console and a single portal for internal and vendor users alike. Enforce MFA easily and workflow-based access to automate need-based access flows.

Mitigate Risk of Unknown Endpoints

Unknown endpoints accessing your network can bring in security risks. Securing privileged users from unknown vendor machines is priority for a proactive security approach.

Strengthen Security

Avoid use of insecure channels for accessing server and resources on cloud or on-premise.

Explore the Platform

Achieve more with easy to configure integrated components

Continuous Discovery

Secure privileged accounts with continuous discovery and vaulting.

Password Management

Manage and rotate passwords and ssh keys with embedded & encrypted vaulting

Session Recordings & Threat Analytics

Advanced session monitoring for all privileged activities with risk-profiling & behaviour-based analytics.

Account Lifecycle Management

Streamline account provisioning, de-provisioning and operations with complete control.

Next Steps

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