Automate Entitlement Reviews


Management and governance of named, shared or service accounts encompass manual disparate processes and is time-consuming.

An essential part of securing an organization’s infrastructure is to ensure that privileged accounts are properly provisioned, secured, and disabled when not required.


Make Compliance Reviews Smarter, Faster and More Productive

  • Centralize Monitoring of Allocation and Use of Privileged Access

    Built-in, named, shared and service accounts spread across IT assets often lack ownership. There is need to track them regularly for ownership. Sectona privileged access governance with schedule-based workflows can enforce regular reviews and push remediation workflows.

  • Set Ownership of Critical Accounts

    Absence of insights or overview into who has access rights to privileged accounts results in security risk and fraud. Access review cycle automation can be made easy with Sectona privileged access governance.


Connect Security, Technology Operations & Audit Across Ecosystem to Keep Your Business on Track

Catch Hidden & Risky Accounts

Find out which accounts are not required in our infrastructure and push for remediation.

Automate Manual Processes

Automate discovery of hundreds of systems and save several hours and avoid delays in compliance reporting.

Monitored Sessions

Sail through stringent audit requirements with compliance tracking and reports.

Explore the Platform

Achieve more with easy to configure integrated components

Password Management

Manage and rotate passwords and ssh keys with embedded & encrypted vaulting

Privileged Access Governance

Govern privileged entitlements, access to privileged access platform, account inventory to secure and comply

Next Steps

Find how we can help you save resources for privileged access projects.​