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Secure Remote (Privileged) Access

Fix Remote Privileged Sessions with Secure Cross-Platform Access

With the constantly changing user pattern, there are no longer just internal IT administrators and users accessing critical assets in organizations. Instead there are more third party and remote users who are given access to shared privileged accounts for daily activities. Granting remote privileged access is a real problem with multiple decision points of securing the data over public networks using VPN Channels and ensuring authorized, limited and secure access.

Spectra Privileged Access Management provides a combination of technical controls that provide a VPN-less secure access to remote users and session control capabilities.

Complete Session Isolation with Jump Server based Access

Isolate unknown networks from malware and other security risks by integrating your existing jump servers with Spectra Privileged Access Management. For highly trusted external vendors and users, leverage secure direct connection with Sectona Quick Connect or Sectona Client. This unique combination of technology allows you to design your risk based remote vendor access strategy with a range of productivity and security options.

Increased Real-time Visibility of Activities with Sectona Push Notifications

You no longer need to access web portals to know what is happening in your network. Get real time notification of activities as they happen and view, monitor or block malicious session activity.

VPN and Clientless Secure Access Outside your Network with MFA

Reduce risk of providing complete VPN access to users. Enable access to limited services without a VPN to remote users. No need to manage multiple identities of VPN channels. Default & pre-packaged MFA service allows you to add critical security layer.

Implement Sponsorship Process for Inviting Remote Users

Empower internal users to sponsor remote user connection with expiry options and privilege settings for fine grained access level. This reduces the burden for solution administrators to manage multiple requests of granting remote user access.

Minimize attack surface with our robust Password & Key Management capabilities

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