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About Edelweiss General Insurance

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Edelweiss General Insurance is one of India’s first cloud-born insurance companies. Established as a subsidiary of Edelweiss Group, a large investment and financial services company based out of Mumbai. The group has been in existence for over 2 decades now and caters to a client base of over 1.2 million. The general insurance arm was founded in 2017.


Staying relevant and ahead in modern times, Edelweiss General Insurance widely leverages AWS for hosting its infrastructure. The includes business critical applications such as SAP. Committed to delivering excellence to customers round-the-clock, EGI team including business users access the critical infrastructure from anywhere, anytime. Ensuring secure access is provisioned for the users was key for the security team and hence started building the security framework with privileged access management for cloud.

Primary objectives include:

  • Allow secure access to business and IT users to critical infrastructure hosted on AWS
  • Enable 2nd factor of authentication for users to create an additional security layer
  • Enable secure file transfers mitigating risk of data theft


EGI zeroed in on Sectona after being convinced of its capabilities to help align with their objectives. Quick to deploy, Sectona’s Privileged Access Management was implemented in EGI’s AWS hosted environment. With built-in cross-platform and VPN-less browser based capabilities, EGI achieves secure access to business and IT users connecting to AWS remotely at anytime from any location. Minimizing risk of password sharing or exposure with Sectona’s strong AWS integration capabilities, EGI now manages and monitors all user activities with the added advantage of risk intelligence.

With Sectona, EGI achieves:

  • In-built MFA along with a secure and isolated browser-based access of business applications for business users
  • Comprehensive monitoring and access policy management to control and manage user access to critical AWS resources
  • Cross-platform capabilities to enable access to users from any platform for taking access to critical systems anytime from anywhere


Edelweiss General Insurance security team has increased visibility and control now over user access to critical infrastructure and business applications on AWS. Moreover, with a risk based threat intelligence, team is better equipped to proactively manage and take preventive actions to strengthen the security posture. Furthermore, EGI achieves higher reliability and enhanced security with Sectona’s built-in vault minimizing dependency on external third-party database vaults and data loss.

Sectona PAM is a robust access control solution that easily adapts with my AWS environment. It provides the capability to define access rights on a need-to-know basis for all my users and helps me monitor their activities.

Ninad Chavan, CISO

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