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Session Recording

Session Management and Command Log Management for Privileged Session Activity

With the growing number of remote users and privilege sessions within your environment, several compliance and regulation requirements have been mandated to monitor and ensure security around these privileged account activities. With Spectra’s Session Recording, you can:

  • Leverage real-time session monitoring and control privileged session activity by staying in charge of all privileged activities across cloud and on-premise infrastructure
  • Get real-time notification on your preferred device using Sectona Push for Desktop and Mobile for any high risk activities and gain instant control of any session from your mobile devices, PC or Laptop
  • Get deep and granular visibility into privileged account activities with logging and video playback capabilities of all privileged account activities
  • Review session logs with correlated meta data that are linked to commands and textual information for easy reviewing
  • Enable session recording for access mechanisms including RDP, SSH, Thick Clients such as SQL Management Studio & Toad and AWS & Azure Cloud Based Console without dependency on third party utilities or browsers
  • Easily transfer session activity data to SIEM solutions and log management systems
  • Log all file transfer activities between user machine to server and server to server as well

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