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Privileged Task Management

Delegate Privileges with Limited Access

Automation of privilege assignment and usage can reduce unnecessary session login for administrators and instead enable them to focus on high priority activities. By restricting administrator access to their routine activities with limited privilege exposure, organizations can eliminate human errors and by automating activities, organizations can achieve significant resource savings. Spectra PAM is packaged with Privileged Task Management capabilities which:

  • Enable administrators to build and compile a library of tasks with step-by-step execution lists
  • Publish & delegate library tasks to other team members for execution without need for any session login
  • Capture complete logs of execution activities for later review
  • Provide automatic execution and management with prepackaged commands for easy automation of routine backup jobs, routine file movement activities, service execution based on application job schedules, data gathering from multiple systems, configuration checks & configuration changes
  • Aid in deploying tasks with SSH, Telnet and Powershell interfaces and facilitate alerts & notifications of execution activities

Reduce Risks & Automate Routine Privileged Activities

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