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Manage Hybrid Cloud Environments

Secure Privileged Access without Boundaries

A growing number of organizations are preferring a hybrid cloud environment capable of balancing scale of a public or a private cloud combined with existing investment on on-premise infrastructure. This is especially because hybrid cloud is a combination of the scalability of public cloud and customizability of private cloud.  Multiple instances are created automatically that leads to an increase in the number of privileged accounts which are unsecured and unaccounted for in most cases thereby exposing organizations to attacks anytime. Understanding security layers of privileged accounts is important to have an effective control mechanism over their access needs.

Sectona’s Spectra PAM is built to manage complexities and simplify access and security frameworks in a hybrid cloud environment. With out-of-the-box integrations with cloud platforms, privileged account access on these platforms are managed, monitored and secured. Spectra is also able to extend beyond the needed capabilities as is desired for a hybrid cloud setting.

Automatically Manage Assets & Accounts for VMware vSphere, AWS & Azure

Using deep integration capabilities, Spectra PAM can directly discover newly provisioned resources across vSphere, AWS and Azure. This reduces time to onboard devices and protect privileged credentials.

Rotate & Manage Access Keys for AWS Accounts

Protect and manage keys for AWS IAM users and leverage API Level access to securely provide keys with Spectra API Service.

Single Sign-On for Cloud Management Console of vCenter, AWS & Azure

Realize more value with integrated SSO and Session recording for VMWare Administrative Tools, AWS & Azure Management Consoles. Enforce workflows, session recording and strict password policy controls for administrative accounts within Virtualization and Cloud console with Spectra PAM.

Be uncompromising on your Privileged Access Management Program

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