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Enhance Administrator Productivity

Uncomplicate Access to Devices Located Anywhere

Organizations are seemingly relying on the power of easy provisioning of OnDemand infrastructure with either virtualization of on-premise devices or addition of instances over private and public cloud environments. Balancing security guidelines for network and administrator access for such a dynamic infrastructure is a trick to be mastered. This leads to administrators and users building workarounds eventually not just creating potential security loop holes but also impacting administrator productivity. Furthermore, with infrastructure changes, administrators need to remember more passwords, manage access keys & jump hosts for security requirements, configure same changes across multiple devices and collaborate with other teams and experts to run IT operations smoothly.

Powerful and Intuitive Web Interface

Spectra PAM provides a browser independent & user friendly interface focusing on automation and single-sign on with multiple access methods. Access any assets with quick connect to named or shared accounts, or browse multiple privileged accounts grouped by available assets and select access types. This freedom to locate a device and account provides administrators with ease of accessing a device. You can easily find status of the device before accessing the same and save significant troubleshooting time thereby enhancing administrator productivity.

Task Automation

Privileged Task Management lets you work more productively by automating, building & compiling a task library with step-by-step execution lists. Library tasks can be published & delegated to other team members who can then execute tasks without the need to login to any session. It provides automatic execution and management with prepackaged commands for easy automation of activities such as routine backups jobs, routine file movement activities, service execution based on application job schedules, data gathering from multiple systems, configuration checks & changes.

Connect to devices without hassle

With Spectra PAM, you have powerful tools that can make you access devices faster. Spectra’s Powerful & Intuitive Web Interface allows you access via native utilities (RDP – Native and Browser, SSH – Native or browser, thick client for Database, Network Devices or Web interfaces).

In addition, Access SSH and RDP Session from any browser or operating system without any pre-installed plugins or use native utilities such as Putty, SQL Management Studio, Toad, Cloud Management Console directly or over a jump server. Power Administrators can leverage Sectona Client to access devices with “Session in a Tab.”

Collaborate Easily with Trusted Screen Sharing Tools

Securely Collaborate with other team members and consultants inside or outside your network for any sessions. System automatically recognizes users part of the system inventory and provides access with a single link for easy collaboration. System captures complete audit logs of collaboration users, users’ address and their session activities.

Secure Privileged Access and Defend against Insider Attacks with Advanced Privileged Access Management

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