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Achieve Compliance with Confidence

Be in control of compliance tracking

Privileged accounts are most vulnerable targets for cyber attacks and often regulations and standards such as PCI-DSS, ISO, GDPR etc. regularly need organizations to demonstrate compliance to security directives. Sectona Privileged Access Management can help you demonstrate compliance by enabling immutable user access information and relevant audit trails.

Privileged User Activity Audit Trails

Spectra Privileged Access Management captures video and meta data for privileged session activities over RDP, SSH, VNC, Database utilities, Network access utilities etc. System captures threat analytics logs for activities within the session and provides a risk score based on multiple algorithms. For easier compliance tracking and review of privileged sessions, system provides an option for review tracking of risky privileged sessions.

Password management for shared & privileged accounts

System provides automated discovery, rotation, verification and reconciliation of passwords. Passwords remain safe in fail-proof and encrypted password vault. With superior dashboards and reporting capabilities, enterprises can easily generate compliance reports related to password health.

Discover and Inventorize Privileged Accounts

It is extremely difficult to inventorize privilege accounts. Spectra Privileged Access Management Discovery function provides periodic discovery of privileged accounts for Windows, Unix and Databases. Easily track and monitor hidden privileged accounts and implement policies with just a few clicks.

Secure Privileged Access and Defend against Insider Attacks with Advanced Privileged Access Management

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