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Enhance Administrator Productivity

Organizations are seemingly relying on the power of easy provisioning of OnDemand infrastructure with either virtualization of on-premise devices or addition of instances over private and public cloud environments. Balancing security guidelines for network and administrator access for such a dynamic infrastructure is a trick to be mastered. This leads to administrators and users building workarounds eventually creating potential security loop holes. Furthermore, with infrastructure changes, administrators need to remember more passwords, manage access keys & jump hosts for security requirements, configure same changes across multiple devices and collaborate with other teams and experts to run IT operations smoothly.

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Secure Remote (Privileged) Access

With the constantly changing user pattern, there are no longer just internal IT administrators and users accessing critical assets in organizations. Instead there are more third party and remote users who are given access to shared privileged accounts for daily activities. Granting remote privileged access is a real problem with multiple decision points of securing the data over public networks using VPN Channels and ensuring authorized, limited and secure access.

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Manage Hybrid Cloud Environments

A growing number of organizations are preferring a hybrid cloud environment capable of balancing scale of a public or a private cloud combined with existing investment on on-premise infrastructure. This is especially because hybrid cloud is a combination of the scalability of public cloud and customizability of private cloud.  Multiple instances are created automatically that leads to an increase in the number of privileged accounts which are unsecured and unaccounted for in most cases thereby exposing organizations to attacks anytime. Understanding security layers of privileged accounts is important to have an effective control mechanism over their access needs.

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Password Management for MSP Operations

Managed Service Providers (MSP) and Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP) have come to assume a significant role in managing & monitoring critical infrastructure & security devices. Accessing devices means gaining access to their passwords and keys. Storing and managing these passwords and demonstrating compliance for each customer requires diligence from the security teams of service providers.

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