A large multi-national telecom service provider unifies privileged access security across its distributed IT with Sectona

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About the Telecom Service Provider:

Industry Telecom

Telecommunications systems act as the backbone of nations and their economies. This telecom service provider has a successful global post of businesses and is a market leader across the Middle East and Africa Region. Being a major mobile provider across these regions, it plans to grow up to ten markets over the next five years across GCC and North Africa. With its regional and global expertise, the brand caters to multiple live operations using cutting-edge technology in order to deliver a smooth and well-rounded experience to millions of active customers.


Privileged accounts give superuser access to critical telecommunications infrastructure on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments. With each location acting as an independent entity, there is a dedicated IT team and common third-party vendor teams to handle IT operations and management.

To mitigate the risk of unauthorized access to critical telecommunications systems, a telecom service provider must control and monitor all internal and third-party user and application access to privileged accounts by implementing a PAM solution across these independent sites. (rather than implementing a centralized solution and controlling the access across these sites).


Sectona Security Platform is a light, integrated and scalable privileged access management solution that helps secure and governs privileges across endpoints, servers, and applications.

The organization has implemented Sectona Security Platform on their infrastructure across each location, securing secrets in a purpose-built vault and isolating endpoints across each privileged session by leveraging cross-platform session management technology.

Sectona enables growth with the emerging security needs by bringing together various elements to secure privileges across the growing attack surface.


A strategic approach to managing privileged access to the network — including infrastructure and apps is achieved. With the successful implementation of Sectona, there is increased visibility in real-time on every access, improved compliance with regulations as well as increased productivity by automating historically manual tasks such as password creation and vaulting.”

Sectona Security Platform can effectively manage encrypted passwords and credentials via a tamper-proof vault. The platform can greatly increase efficiency company-wide by radically reducing the hassles associated with changing passwords by hand and minimizing the labor of IT to maintain compliance.

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