Morabaha Marina Finance strengthens SAMA compliance with Sectona

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About Morabaha Marina

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Morabaha Marina Finance Company (MMFC) is a financial institution established in 2012 with headquarters in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It aims to provide financial services to individuals and SME based entities on Islamic Shari’ah principles. MMFC provides various financial products to individuals and corporate clients across major cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.



Considering the nature of business, the IT Security team of Morabaha Marina Finance Company was exploring a solution that will help them manage and monitor all the users taking privileged and remote access into their network and provide transparent need-based access of critical systems to all the users. While this was a proactive approach from the MMFC team to strengthen its cyber-security framework, the PAM project was also significant in cementing SAMA security compliance.

  • Manage and control the third-party contractor access to critical infrastructure resources based on need-to-have, need-to-know access
  • Monitor and log third party vendor and internal staff access to critical servers including RDP for accountability tracking
  • Incorporate an extra layer of security with multi-factor authentication for all privileged and remote user access


Sectona provides an automated and integrated Privileged and Remote Access Management suite for securing user access to critical IT assets enabling better governance, control and visibility.

  • Increased control with multi-factor authentication over privileged and remote access enabled for users
  • Enhanced management of privileged and remote user access with access policy definition to regulate and govern need based access
  • Automated password change process to preserve confidentiality of passwords and ensure frequent password rotation as per desired policies


With Sectona, Morabaha Marina Finance confidently achieves compliance to SAMA guidelines by adhering to specific policies around need-based access, automated password vaulting and confidentiality, monitoring with review and multi-factor authentication for internal and contractor users alike.

Avoiding password sharing and creating accountability while segregating and allocating user access based on access needs is the key objective for us and we are able to fulfill this with Sectona PAM

IT Security Lead
Morabaha Marina

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