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Server Privilege Management

Application Control & Privilege Elevation for Windows Servers

Implement effective least privilege policy by controlling and restricting excessive access permissions granted to powerful windows administrator privileged accounts across critical applications and processes.

  • Enable administrators to login with normal accounts to Spectra Console and perform a single-sign on with privileged accounts
  • Control administrator triggered application execution by enforcing simple application control policies applied from a user context
  • Enforce least privilege policies by controlling activities by allowing need based privileges and elevation
  • Implement Additional security control for Re-authorization of administrators to highly critical application usage
  • Record and track activities with direct logon to Windows Servers

Enforce Least Privilege Policy on Unix & Linux Privileged Accounts

Root Accounts and Administrative Accounts on Unix and Linux are powerful accounts that when misused could be destructive in nature. With Spectra PAM’s Command White-Listing & Blacklisting feature and SUDO Control feature, you can:

  • Automatically rotate, generate and manage public/private key pairs
  • Control & Manage ‘Su’ commands based on user policies & Manage SUDO with ease and full proof audit capabilities
  • Restrict Commands based on a user profile and capture complete video and command logs for review and audit purposes
  • Provision Unix & Linux local users with Account Lifecycle
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