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Password & Key Management

Protect Privileged Accounts with Automated Password Management

Administrators, vendors and remote support teams often require access to privileged or unmanaged accounts, services and applications. Spectra Password Vault capabilities are tailor-made for governing and auditing access to interactive accounts as well as application and non-human accounts. Spectra secures privileged identities across your IT footprint by managing super-user login accounts used by your internal and external administrators, service accounts used by services in operating systems and application accounts used by applications and services to perform data exchange. The solution’s Automated Password Management helps reduce attack surface of privileged accounts by securely integrating access channels within your infrastructure.

  • Manage passwords across a range of Operating Systems, Databases, Network Devices and IT Devices across cloud and on-premise environments
  • Reduce efforts of managing risk for unmanaged service accounts
  • Automatically manage & rotate SSH keys and login to systems transparently
  • Secure and manage AWS Access Keys which are used to retrieve AWS consoles via applications and code

Spectra PAM provides complete visibility of privileged account activities and ensures protection from privileged account misuse.

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