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Achieve Multi Tenancy & Distributed Instance Management with Centralized PAM interface

Managed Service Providers (MSP) and Security Operation Service (SOC) Providers need solutions that manage every customer centrally to leverage flexibility and manageability of service delivery consistently. SpectraMSP platform provides centralized PAM covering Password Management, Session Management, Task Management and Server Privilege Management capabilities for both logically & physically distributed PAM environments of customers.

  • SpectraMSP provides a centralized management interface supporting distributed instances over a standardized platform rather than managing multiple siloed customer instances to manage centralized configuration, user access and licensing usage
  • Instances can be operationally managed either individually by the end customer directly or by MSP & SOC teams with SpectraMSP’s  centralized PAM capabilities –  a flexibility that allows for PAM to be provided as a Service to customers within your private cloud network
  • For Managed Service Providers who manage end to end services for customers across hosted, public or private cloud instances, you can easily extend your PAM instances to enable administrators located in different customer zones to access limited assets

MSP Management Console Interface

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