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Account Provisioning

Privileged Account Provisioning & Lifecycle Management

Eliminate need for manual provision of user & service accounts to critical devices and reduce human errors in managing privileged accounts. It is important to centrally manage the life-cycle of local accounts in your environment. These accounts could range from Active Directory to Unix or Linux to Databases. Research shows that local accounts are most vulnerable in nature and are common attack points for attackers in most breaches today.

  • Spectra PAM provides complete life-cycle management from provisioning to de-provisioning of accounts across a range of systems – Windows AD, Windows Servers, Unix OS, Linux OS, MS SQL Server, Oracle Database and MySQL Database
  • Streamline and Secure Privileged Account Administration activities with automated privileged account policies
  • Automatically provision on-boarded accounts in Spectra Password Vault, for these accounts can be further utilized by teams or can be utilized for API level access by other applications

Central Lifecycle Management of Privileged Accounts

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