Privileged Access Management for Finance and Banking

Update Version 4.6.0 – Better Privileged Access Management, Enhanced with Robust Features


Password Management in Network Security:

What is it? Why is it Crucial?

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With a steadfast commitment to securing Privileged Access within your IT environment, Sectona introduces Version 4.6.0, designed to enhance and enrich the user experience. Here are some of the key features of this upgraded version:

Asset Management

Enabled bulk updates for asset hostnames.


Introduced OAuth-based authentication for outgoing email gateway (SMTP).


  • Implemented validation to restrict special characters in user input fields, enhancing application security.
  • Added support for custom headers in SMS Gateway API.
  • Supported Unix root equivalent accounts as management accounts for Account Discovery, Password Reconciliation, Account Lifecycle, and JIT Policy-based access.

Password Management

  • Added functionality to change AD account passwords through linked accounts after checkout if “Change after check-in” is enabled in the Checkout Policy.
  • Supported CISO ISE local account password rotation.


  • Included “Last Action By” and “Last Action On” columns in the Workflow Request report.
  • Enabled multiple search conditions for filtering report data in Analytics.
  • Added more data columns related to Account Activity in custom reports.

Policy Management

  • Improved performance in Exclusive Access mapping.
  • Added an option to map one account to multiple users using the “Account Wise” mapping option in Exclusive Access.
  • Introduced Permanent and Schedule-based Mapping Modes under Active Mapping.

Session Management

Added support for key-based management accounts for JIT Policy-based access.