Power trading exchange company uses Sectona PAM for its unique on-demand plugin designer framework 2020-07-09T10:12:10+00:00

Power trading exchange company usesS ectona PAM for its unique on-demand plugin designer framework

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This power trading firm is India’s premier power trading firm established in 2008 with its headquarters in New Delhi. It enables efficient price and counter-party risk management for customers from the electricity market as well as the open access industries. They have a consumer base of 3500 open access industries, 1000+ private generators and 4000 participants across utilities, which are leveraging the firm’s exchange platform to manage their power portfolio in a competitive and reliable way.


The power trading firm was in search of a smart solution which will meet their following requirements of:

  • A PAM solution capable of integrating with their in-house custom applications for monitoring.
  • Provide password-less access, monitor sessions and generate activity logs.
  • Manage a wide mix of IT assets, including networking devices.


Power Trading


Windows & Linux


Sectona has helped them with an automated and robust PAM Suite which will manage their password and session monitoring, secure networking devices and generate activity logs on demand, all while providing enhanced security.

  • Password-Less access to Checkpoint Smart Dashboard.
  • Enhanced security and built-in replication with an embedded unexposed and encrypted vault.
  • Seamless integration with In-house custom applications for secure access and monitoring.

Providing Built-In Plug-In Designer for In-House Applications

We were pro-actively looking for a PAM solution to strengthen their cybersecurity framework. While PAM was a project in our plan since long, we faced challenges while trying to integrate custom applications for monitoring and single sign on purposes, where other PAM solutions failed to integrate effortlessly


Breach No More

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