Sectona PAM Implementation Specialist

Learn how to architect, build, deploy and manage Sectona Privileged Access solutions

Determining and staying on top of the architecture, build and deployment of your privileged access solution doesn’t need to be a complex process, but needs to be done right. Sectona offers training programs that equip you with the skills to execute a smooth deployment and manage ongoing operations. Get equipped on the best practices of implementation and get certified on installing the solution.

What you'll learn

A well thought and designed course comprising of the platform and module capabilities of Sectona Privileged Access Management solution with key focus on design and installation of the solution.

The objective of this course is to present apprentices (including service provider partners) the core and advanced concepts of privileged access management, demonstrate capabilities of PAM and provide hands-on experience to help plan out the design, build and complete installation of Sectona Privileged Access Management solution.

Target Audience – System Integrators, System Architects, System Developers, System Engineers, System Administrators, IT Operation Managers, Implementation Engineers.

  • Overview of Deployment Options
  • Setting up & Installation Deployment Options
  • Introduction to Lab setup, and more

Sectona Certification

Sectona offers certifications designed to validate and recognize IT professionals with the technical capabilities and real-world experience needed to effectively install, design, configure, administer and manage Sectona Privileged Access Management solution.


Sectona PAM Implementation Beginner
Sectona PAM Implementation Expert


Sectona PAM Implementation Beginner



Prepare to take charge of your career and unlock new opportunities in the dynamic world of privileged access management.