User Event Logging

Tracking events triggered by a privileged users’ activities throughout a session

What is User Event Logging?

User Event Logging refers to the process of capturing and tracking all the activities performed by privileged users in every session to ease review of an auditor for, validating compliance standards or tracing any point of illegitimate activity.

The Need for Logging Activities: –

With the advancement of technology, resources in an organization grow accordingly to keep up with growing demands and in accordance so do the privileged user accounts. Privileged Accounts refer to the account that have been designated with higher access rights to critical components of organizational resources. These accounts are prone to high risk from cyber criminals as they have the rights to make impounding changes to the system resources or gain access to confidential information.

As the hackers have become more sophisticated in targeting their attacks, they can evidently infiltrate an organization from an external attack or an insider attack, it is important to be wary of all user activities. Hence it is necessary that all activities being performed by such user accounts in each session be monitored on a real-time basis to mitigate the risk of information or economic loss.

User Event Logging process usually monitors the activities of a user throughout his/her lifecycle. The events are logged for different components on the system which include system activities, system security and application, further classified to identify the severity of each event. Audit policies can be configured to keep track of security events and logs which include a user logging in and out of the system, creating and ending a session, access to files and objects etc. While the need to track events is critical, it cannot be performed manually on each device and should ensure that Real-Time User Event Logging takes place.

Sectona Event Logging?

Sectona’s Privileged Access Management solution facilitates governing user activities during every session to secure organizational resources from any unwanted access. It records event logs for different types of sessions in both video and command/text format.


The highlighted preview details all the event logs for a session activity that helps an auditor track specific commands or filter specific arguments enabling a seamless review process.