Password Rotation

Reset a Password periodically, limiting its lifespan and reducing the attack window

What is Password Rotation?

Password Rotation is a process where a user’s passwords are reset to a new value each time as per a pre-defined schedule. After rotating the passwords, they are stored centrally in an encrypted vault where the user looking to access IT resources are given access by automatically fetching the right credentials from the vault.


Why Password Rotation is Important?

Coming to the security of all accounts and systems, passwords have been a preferred choice of protection by most users. The human capability to remember complex passwords or the capacity to change passwords is limited. They end up using the same password for multiple accounts or write them down on a sticky note which creates a weak link towards the security of IT resources in an organization.

Leaving the passwords for privileged accounts static and configuring them to never expire can leave your company and your customers at risk from credential stealing. By impersonating login portals, for instance, targeted phishing attacks can extract administrative passwords for online accounts. Since they are not changed, static passwords are easier to crack and if re-used from another online system, are at risk of a security breach.

Password Management is responsible for managing passwords of accounts through their lifecycle by following best practices. One of those practices – Password Rotation refers to limiting the lifespan of passwords, mitigating the risk of a discrepancy by narrowing the attack window. Password Rotation must be implemented and automated across every IT resource available in the organization.

How Often Should you Rotate Passwords?

Once every 30-60 days is recommended, if not more. For example, in few organizations a normal user may require a password rotation in every 30 days’ time period while the administrator accounts have their password rotated after each usage to reduce risk of open or known password. The frequency of rotation can vary depending on policies defined on factors like level of privilege and utilization frequency. Make sure you are implementing tools like multi-factor authentication and a password manager in order to reinforce your password security. So, how does password rotation work?

Sectona PAM Solution: –

Sectona Privileged Access Management Solution provides a robust and automated password management module, which facilitates password rotation, ensuring that only designated users are allowed access to the right credentials. With a built-in vault, passwords are stored centrally in an encrypted manner, and passwords are rotated within the vault in line with desired password rotation policies. A preview of the password rotation policy gives an insight into the frequency and scheduling of the policy and other features.