Password Reset vs Password Change

Ensuring strong Security by continually changing a password

What is Password Change?

Password Change is a user action, where the user gets the option to change his/her password. He can perform the action only after he/she is able to present the old password to authenticate and subsequently perform the action if his/her account has the right permissions.

What is Password Reset?

Password Reset is an administrative action, where only a designated administrator has the required permission to reset a user’s password. When an existing user forgets his/her current password and requires access to his/her entitlements, user can request a password reset. User will have an option of verifying his/her email id and answering few security questions depending on the pre-defined security measures to initiate a new password creation process which subsequently is reset by an administrator.

Difference between Password Reset and Password Change: –

Although Password Reset and Password Change have the same result, they differ in their context of application. Both Password Reset and Password Change log different IDs for both the events. Also, a Password Change requires that the user authenticate himself/herself by remembering the old password while Password Reset doesn’t require the user to remember his/her Old Password.

How does Sectona Fulfil this Requirement?

Sectona Privileged Access Management Solution facilitates both Password Reset, and Password Change features at a privileged account level, allowing the reset or change action appropriately whenever required. Apart from 150+ out of box connectors, Sectona PAM also facilitates writing own connectors using an in-built framework for custom Password Management.

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