Manage Third-Party Privileged Access


Third-party vendor machines operating outside a company’s security perimeter and lacking robust cyber defences create vulnerabilities. VPN-based connections to third parties are susceptible to targeted attacks. The absence of adequate visibility and control over remote sessions turns risky.


Zero-Trust for Third-Party Remote Access Management

  • Better Control

    Eliminate risks arising from third-party devices. Ensure no privilege misuse or possession of excess user privileges than required.

  • Granular Visibility

    Monitor and record remote third-party sessions with the capability to create high-level audit reports.

  • Modern Approach

    Adopt a robust VPN-less connectivity for protecting enterprise resources with minimal hassles and vulnerabilities.


Connect with Confidence while Ensuring Productivity

Better Session Isolation

With Sectona, third-party users can access critical networks and resources in isolated sessions using browser-based technology. 

Elevated Monitoring & Insights

Record third-party sessions in both video format and keystroke capturing. Analyze user behaviour with Sectona’s exclusive in-built threat analytics engine.

Lockdown Critical Account Access

Dynamically allow/disallow, elevate, or provision/de-provision vendor access. Implement just-in-time with no shared account usage and eliminate generic shared accounts.


Implement Secure Remote Access

Move away from VPNs via browser-based technology. Enable RDP and SSH connections over browser access for the end user, ensuring SSL-based communication, better session isolation, and zero-trust endpoints.

Explore the Platform

Achieve more with easy to configure integrated components

Continuous Discovery

Secure privileged accounts with continuous discovery and vaulting.

Password Management

Manage and rotate passwords and ssh keys with embedded & encrypted vaulting

Session Recordings & Threat Analytics

Advanced session monitoring for all privileged activities with risk-profiling & behaviour-based analytics.

Account Lifecycle Management

Streamline account provisioning, de-provisioning and operations with complete control.

Next Steps

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