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Cloud-born insurance company secures and monitors critical user access to SAP on AWS with Spectra PAM

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It is a general insurance company based out of Mumbai since inception in 2017. It is a member of a Mumbai based investment and financial services giant who caters to millions of customers since over two decades.

Considering the nature of its business, the Chief Information Security Officer was proactively planning to implement a centralized solution that could:


The insurance firm was proactively in search of a solution that could:

  • Allow secure access to users with dual-factor authentication enabled for an additional layer of security
  • Monitor internal users and third-party vendor access to critical AWS resources
  • Allow secured remote access to the critical business application from outside the office network


Financial Services


AWS Cloud


Spectra PAM is an AWS compatible solution, with capabilities to be hosted over cloud. Since firm’s complete infrastructure is hosted on AWS, it was easy to deploy Spectra. They leveraged Spectra’s capabilities to address its requirements including:

  • In-built MFA along with a secure and isolated browser-based access of business applications for business users
  • Comprehensive monitoring and access policy management to control and manage user access to critical AWS resources
  • Cross-platform capabilities to enable access to users from any platform for taking access to critical systems anytime from anywhere

IT Team is Impressed with Spectra PAM’s Robust Access Mechanism

Spectra is a robust access control solution that easily adapts with my AWS environment. It provides the capability to define access rights on a need-to-know basis for all my users and helps me monitor their activities.


Breach No More

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