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India’s first online exchange for receivables, uses Sectona PAM to govern privileged user access to their critical systems

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This financial institution was founded in 2017, is an online exchange for Trade Receivables Discounting System “TReDS” set up under the approval of Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to facilitate discounting of invoices and Bills of exchange on a PAN India basis. Catering mostly to Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises “MSME” (“the Seller”), large corporates including PSUs and Govt. Departments (“the Buyer”) and Banks/NBFCs (“the Financier”), the firm aims on providing solution-based approach with expert innovation & flexibility towards financing solutions to stakeholders.

The company started with a robust architecture but quickly approached an enterprise scale and needed to implement an access security framework in place. Considering the nature of business, there is large amount of sensitive data that is stored on their databases, primarily MS SQL databases. Protecting the access to critical systems including Windows, Unix, and Databases especially is of utmost importance for the management. While looking for a solution that can securely access seamlessly across this mix of infrastructure, they came across Sectona PAM and decided to evaluate it.


To support its growth, exchange firm operates with a robust architecture well supported by a reputed managed service provider, but to achieve security for critical privileged access, it wanted a strong partner that would allow it to secure privileged user access stack for both internal and external users.


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Hosted & Managed by external Hosting Provider


Sectona has provided its hybrid Privileged Access Management Solution Spectra to isolate critical database sessions and comprehensively monitor critical user access (external and internal users) to a mixed range of IT systems.

  • Secure, scalable critical infrastructure access
  • Easier privileged user monitoring with complete session isolation capabilities
  • Consistent, secure and lower friction user experience for any privileged user

Exchange Firm Believe that Spectra PAM is the Next Gen PAM Solution

We needed a solution which will help us have full control of user access across our IT infrastructure, grant secured access over VPN and allow users to securely access sensitive data


Breach No More

Find out how our cross platform & integrated privileged access management approach can help you. Request a demo of the Spectra privileged access management platform.