Facilitate Incident Response


User activity monitoring and analysis become difficult without a comprehensive Incident Response solution. Inadequate integration with alerting systems and the lack of automatic threat response can create vulnerabilities.


Detect, Respond, and Protect

  • Detection of anomalies and risky user activities is essential to stop security disasters.

  • Respond to incidents for all sessions. Stop malicious or suspicious privileged user activity.

  • Audit user sessions and conduct forensic analysis with filters and search based on specific parameters.


Better Incident Response with Enhanced Visibility


Monitor and Record

Capture privileged session logs in text/command, video logs and keystroke recording formats.


Analyze and Respond

Store video logs in a tamper-proof, encrypted format. Replay all logs for better forensic analysis and Incident Response with metadata search capability.


Integrated Threat Detection

Generate forwardable SYSLOGs to integrate with an SIEM solution. Sectona also supports configurable integration with any API-supported incident management system.


Powerful Features for Enhanced Control

Enable automatic limitation and denial of using restricted commands, DB queries, and processes during sessions with Sectona.

Explore the Platform

Achieve more with easy to configure integrated components

Continuous Discovery

Secure privileged accounts with continuous discovery and vaulting.

Password Management

Manage and rotate passwords and ssh keys with embedded & encrypted vaulting

Session Recordings & Threat Analytics

Advanced session monitoring for all privileged activities with risk-profiling & behaviour-based analytics.

Account Lifecycle Management

Streamline account provisioning, de-provisioning and operations with complete control.

Next Steps

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