Deal Registration Terms and Conditions

Opportunity eligibility criteria:

  1. The opportunity is not being pursued directly by Sectona at the time the partner submits the deal;
  2. Before registering a deal, the partner has made significant pre-sales efforts related to the deal, such as meeting with the decision-makers, qualifying the opportunity, helping the end-user to quantify the project budget with Sectona products or services, and helping the end-user to define the project requirements to include Sectona products or services. Partners must include a description of such efforts in the comments sections in the Deal Registration Form.
  3. An initial Call/Meeting between Sectona Sales Manager and Partner has occurred or planned.
  4. The deal is not registered by another partner. However, in certain circumstances, Sectona may grant registrations to multiple Partners for the same deal, if Sectona determines it is required by local laws.
  5. The Partner must provide sufficient information when registering the deal to allow Sectona to determine whether the Partner is well positioned to service the deal and whether to approve the deal registration

Registration Process:

  1. Partner must submit Deal Registration Form at The first partner to submit a deal that meets all program criteria will be approved for that end-user opportunity.
  2. Sectona will acknowledge receipt of Deal Registration form and issue Conditional Acceptance via email notification; assigned Sectona Sales Manager will be copied.
  3. A Call/Meeting between Sectona Sales Manager and Partner must then occur within (5) days of Conditional Acceptance email notification.
  4. If a deal is approved, Sectona will notify the partner by email. Sectona strives to notify partners of its decision within 5 business days.
  5. If a deal is rejected, Sectona will notify the partner by email, and will include the reasons for such decision.

Approval Period:

  1. 90 Days (calculated from the date of Sectona’s notification to partner of approval). A partner must close an approved deal prior to the expiration of the Approval Period. Partners may request an extension. At its discretion, Sectona may extend the approval period if sufficient justification exists.

Deal Registration Exceptions:

  • The end-user requests that Sectona quote or bid on the deal.
  • The end-user is a current “active” customer of Sectona directly for the line of product(s) included in the deal.
  • An end-user account is considered “active” if product(s) were sold to the end-user by Sectona directly in the last twelve (12) months or end-user is a global segment or international account with Sectona directly.
  • The end-user has rejected the Partner’s bid or quote.
  • The end-user uses Sectona online sources to receive pricing
  • The Partner does not close the deal within the Registration Term, and no extension or renewal of the Registration Term has been granted. A deal is considered “closed” when Partner places a purchase order for products and services specified in the Deal Registration and pays for the invoiced amount.
  • Sectona may, at its discretion, deny, remove, rescind, suspend, or terminate any Deal Registration and/or registration access in any of the following scenarios:
  • The Partner is not actively working the deal or has been inattentive to the end-user’s needs (for example, by failing to respond to the end-user’s or Sectona communications).
  • The Partner quotes a competitor’s product or service for the registered opportunity.
  • Sectona is under a legal or contractual obligation to quote or bid on the deal, or if failure to quote or bid on the deal could subject Sectona to legal liability (as determined by Sectona).
  • Public Tender is issued only to a manufacturer (such as Sectona), calls for submissions only from manufacturers (such as Sectona), and/or excludes the partner community from submitting a bid.


  1. Approval or rejection of a deal registration submission will be made at the sole discretion of Sectona. Sectona does not guarantee the success or closure of any registered deal approved under this program. Sectona reserves the right to modify, supersede, or eliminate all or any of these terms and conditions or to terminate the program without notice.