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Password Management in Network Security:

What is it? Why is it Crucial?

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We are a happy spot for coders, engineers and entrepreneurs, all linked together with a common vision to- “Prevent Data Breaches Anytime Anywhere.” At Sectona we believe, we are as good as our team which is the prime reason we are meticulous in signing on fresh talents as an addition to our team.

Hiring at Sectona generally runs throughout the year. Since we are peculiar with our team and we are proud of our company culture, the aim for us is to hire the right candidate. An interview for us is not restricted to candidates learning about Sectona, our work and culture but also more about we learning about candidate’s skills, passion and the ability to grow mutually.

Hence, identifying “one right candidate” from an ocean of applicants is a lengthy process and we generally take 1-3 months to conclude on one position. We understand interviews are an experience and we like to make it count as best.

“You find yourself passionate about technology and envision to join us?”, here’s all the information at your disposal about our hiring, interview process and various stages of interviews as we progress to conclude on any role.

How do you Get to Know About Our Open Positions

The first place you check out is our job blog portal mentioned on our Career Site here.
We have jillion of open positions and you can apply to the role which you find yourself to be the perfect fit based on your academic background and skills.

Our job portal is inclusive of tons of details related to the role- Job descriptions, Academic Qualifications, Skills Required, General expectation about the role, Experience, etc.

Where to Apply?

Evaluate the role you intend to apply for. Check if you match all the qualifications required and requested. Attach in your recent curriculum vitae and hit the apply button.

If you do not match the exact qualifications and you still intend to apply for the role, we suggest you attach a small descriptive note explaining why and we might take your application forward.

We principally design the requirements that we consider would prove to be successful for the role. That being said, evaluate the criteria carefully and write something that would be convincing for us to take your application in consideration.

How do we Notify

We assess each application accurately and generally we send out application status to applicants within 7 days via phone calls or emails. However by and large applications received are on the higher side and in rarest case we might notify within 14 days.

If your application is selected you must expect an email giving you an understanding about the interview process to be held and what you can expect at each stage of the interview.

While we understand communicating a feedback is extremely important and we make sure to be responsive and responsible in doing so. Nonetheless, we have been working on sharing scalable and constructive feedbacks.

Technical Telephonic Discussion

We will set up a discussion with one of our senior team member from the role you have applied for. This conversation would revolve around your technical understanding of particular skill, discussing your academic projects and we might dive deeper on various points mentioned in your resume.

Well, not to worry, we would not ask questions exclusive of your role and interests.

Tip: This call would not be to evaluate your answers as to be right or wrong, but about your approach and problem solving skills. Be genuine while answering.

Do the Challenge

Next up is a challenge for you! Be ready while we throw a challenge at you which could be a research work, a case study or an assessment which would help us gauge your expertise for the position. Completing it efficiently before the set time frame would definitely work in your favour.

Final Interview Discussions

These discussions would be with our senior management and would plunge on your ability to learn, adapt, think and bring new thoughts to table. This could be a chance for you to demonstrate your skills in the best way possible.

A general note:- These processes are not set in stone. Sometimes we may skip some discussion rounds or tasks to accelerate the hiring process while sometimes we may take up extra rounds of discussions.

What Attracts us is……

All that is not mentioned on your resume is possibly we are most keen to learn about you. Skills and professional accomplishments are definitely key factors to have you on-board while adaptability and passion still tops the chart for us to welcome you in our teams.

At Sectona, we promote Work-Learn-Share-Grow and Enjoy

Hence, if you enjoy doing what you are best at and eager to learn- Voila!! you have successfully come half way to be a part of Sectona.