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Sectona Announces Spectra PAM 2.0 Release, Enabling Enterprises to Automate and Monitor Better

Sectona, the Privileged Access Management OEM, announced the version 2.0 release of its flagship product Spectra Privileged Access Management Solution a solution which provides organizations of any size with privileged session management, password automation, privileged task management and server privilege management. This release covers load balancing, high availability, log forwarding to SIEM Solution and network discovery.

New Inclusions:

  • Minimize CPU Consumption with Spectra’s Application Load Balancing
    • In Spectra  2.0, when a replica for PAM is created to manage the load/traffic of users accessing Spectra application, few parameters like CPU Consumption are set. When that limit is approached, PAM application communicates with the load balancer to divert incoming traffic to the replica PAM application thereby keeping CPU consumption and concurrency in check.


  • Leverage Built-In Replication & High Availability
    • Like Application load balancing, a built-in replica of Spectra Vault is created in HA, which is in continuous sync with the Primary Vault.
    • In failover scenario, control is switched to the failover Spectra Secondary Vault automatically and all the changes made during this duration are recorded and noted down by the vault.
    • These changes are synced with Spectra Primary Vault at regular intervals. Such built-in replication is achieved due to Spectra’s Embedded Vault and helps minimize manual intervention and data loss.


  • Introducing Maker Checker to review creation of new users, accounts and assets
    • Through the maker checker feature in Spectra 2.0, you can now monitor and review creating, updating and deleting of any asset, account and users within Spectra.


  • Integration with Splunk for SIEM & Log Forwarding
    • A very common scenario we have observed is that the PAM syslogs are forwarded to SIEM placed on log server. This is done usually to store all the logs together on a separate server which is dedicated only to log storage.
    • While Spectra 2.0 supports integration with other SIEM solutions, the latest addition to its exhaustive integration list is Splunk.


  • Inventorize Network Devices within your Environment on to Spectra with SNMP Discovery
    • Spectra readily supports discovery across OS, AD, VMWare, Hyper-V, AWS & Azure
    • With Spectra 2.0, you can now schedule or manually trigger an SNMP Discovery scan as well to discover and automatically onboard network devices within your infrastructure


  • Authenticate via ADFS for added security
    • Along with AD Authentication, Spectra now supports ADFS Authentication as well using SAML Protocol.
    • The benefit of using SAML Protocol is that it is more secure in terms of taking access with an additional layer of security added.


What’s Enhanced:

To sum up, Spectra, with this release has made significant additions and improvements to its previous version solidifying its robustness and capabilities.

Watch out this space for future releases and product updates.


Shruti Kulkarni

Shruti Kulkarni

Sales & Marketing Operations Manager
Being an avid reader, Shruti always had fascination towards writing. She has used this hobby of writing in her professional career and now she writes blogs for Sectona in her spare time. She is associated with Sectona for a almost two years now and looks after the Sales & Marketing Operations.
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