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Company Culture And Value System: Significant In Unstable Situations

“But in the midst of all that uncertainty and lack of clarity, there lies a wild beauty. A hope. Possibility. The promise of something bigger than us happening just beneath the surface that we can’t see.”  – Mandy Hale. 

With this beautiful thought, we must learn to embrace each situation as it comes and persist through it by believing in our company’s value system.

An organization aims to create a culture for employees to thrive, build a value system to function unanimously and a path that leads to company driven goals. Fundamentally, these are the pillars for a successful company to survive, grow and lead. However businesses are meant to be risky affairs, be it managing teams, tackling profits and losses and to add an element there are always a few unforeseeable situations that tend to disturb the normalcy. While in difficult situations naturally the competition to run businesses in an unaffected manner and constantly be at disposal of continuity pushes companies to focus on deliverables and expect employees to contribute to the best of their capabilities. During this process, seldom organizations waive out the importance of maintaining and managing culture for employees to be equally productive. There are various elements to this, naming a few would be: Need for Communication, Enhance Engagement Plans, Shaping and Adapting to changes in Culture, Importance of being Relevant and Curating Team Activities.

Need for Communication

Expectations, Functionality and Execution are bound to change during undetermined circumstances, how do we cope with this? Communication is the key! Managers, Team Leads, HR’s require to be vocal, clear and transparent about the situations, their effects on our organization and how we are planning to overcome this. Also, encouraging a two way communication is essential, hearing out employees, their problems, opinions and addressing them in a right manner boosts employee morale.

Enhance Engagement Plans

Seldom it has been observed, during unprecedented situations employee engagement process takes a backseat. It is beneficial to always keep employees involved and engaged irrespective of the ongoing state of affairs. Productivity is a result of highly engaged individuals and teams. Improving engagement plans is number-one step to help employees overcome any coercive situation stemmed out. It must be a collaborative effort within teams and their respective reporting managers to devise plans that works best for the team. Companies should revamp the engagement plans analyzing the need, requirement and abilities of their teammates as whole.

Shaping and Adapting To Changes in Culture

Company culture must top the hierarchy chart in any organization. Each company has its own unique way of setting up culture which caters to their teams and aligns with business values. There is no universally acclaimed rule to design culture, it is a collective endeavor between the leaders and teammates which define the organization in its truest sense. Every business venture starts with right set of values which is observed by individuals involved with a vision to create a harmonious culture and for teams to imbibe it. Undecided situations might hinder the regularity and ethnicity of culture, however as Leader/ Founder it is one’s obligation to mold the culture in a way that helps stimulate the business and employees to not lose out on the essence of being in a well-organized entity. Another perspective is that of considering steps to assist employees to accept and adapt to the changes made.

Importance of Being Relevant

All possible circumstances beholds unique challenges, identifying them makes it easier to subsist with the situations. Being vigilant of situations around, their effects across various sectors, curating some coping mechanism helps an organization to sail through. The need is to stay Relevant! For Example: Currently prevailing COVID-19, demands one to stay relevant and updated from a business standpoint. Recognizing the requirements which market commands, being technically sufficient will help companies to cater to those requirements. This arises a need for employees to be evenly relevant with regards to skills and Managers to guide them through this. Relevancy indeed becomes a crucial factor within productivity program.

Curating Team Activities

Following the above pointer, where relevancy is a necessity curating team activities that inculcate and involve employees to stay relevant seems favorable. Organizations should plan activities around informative topics and skills for mutual benefit of employees and company in common. One can always involve informal elements to it, to maintain a good balance of employee relationships.

Team Sectona strides to hold up with present-day crisis through this astounding quote and sharing a link to exhibit how we do it!!

“Challenges are what makes life interesting. Overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.”

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