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Sectona Recognized By KuppingerCole As A Maturing Challenger

PAM Market Overview KuppingerCole, a leading analyst organization headquartered in Europe, announced public availability of its Leadership Compass report for Privileged Access Management.  The report suggests that PAM has become one of the “fastest growing areas of cybersecurity and risk management solutions”. KuppingerCole estimates the PAM market is a $2.2bn market by revenue with a growth of up to $5.4bn expected by 2025. The reports states how credential vaulting, password rotation, controlled elevation and delegation of privileges, session establishment and activity monitoring are now almost standard features of any PAM solution. More advanced capabilities such as privileged user analytics, risk-based session monitoring, advanced threat protection, and the ability to embrace PAM scenarios in an enterprise governance program are becoming the new standard for PAM solutions to protect against today’s threat. Sectona Strongly Recognized as Challenger Sectona has impressively surpassed several competitors in this report to make its way as a strong Challenger to look forward to. Among a competitive space of 25 vendors recognized in this report, 80% of whom have been in the industry for over a decade, Sectona in a short span of just over 3 years has shown immense growth and earned an admirable spot as a strong Challenger in the Overall rating. The lead analyst Paul Fisher highlights “Given how the short time that has elapsed since the company was founded, it is maturing at an impressive rate”. Speaking about some key innovation and strengths, the report also rates Sectona a respectable Challenger in the Product and Innovation Rating sections. This has been a noteworthy feat for the company considering how it has quickly graduated from being a Follower in the previous report to a Challenger this year. Feature-rich, the KuppingerCole analyst also rates Sectona’s PAM solution Spectra as a ‘positive’ when it comes to Interoperability, Usability and Deployment. Sectona PAM Analysis in the Report Considering Sectona is a young company, analysis of its PAM product involves mostly hits especially for the key aspects with little misses. Hits - Easy to understand and use dashboard, PDK (Plugin Development Kit) does not need coding - Access from wide range of platforms without agents or plug-ins - Strong support for cloud-based services to onboard assets - A collaborative, cross-platform approach allows for integrations offering desired flexibility - Despite its relative youth, the company has done well to present some advanced ideas on PAM and application integration Fisher specifically calls out Spectra’s PSM (Privilege Session Management) strength stating that it “offers access to privileged sessions over any HTML5 supported browser from any platform without the need of agents or plugins to be installed”. This aligns with not just the core PSM capability but also covers needs of advanced requirements including secure remote access for users, especially in today’s digital environments. Misses - While undoubtedly innovative, Spectra needs to offer more capabilities to succeed in Europe and North America - May struggle to fund the marketing it deserves - Functionally limited to PSM with lack of proven AAPM (Application to Application Password Management), CPEDM (Controlled Privilege Elevation and Delegation Management) capability Primarily being a non-funded company, Sectona has grown its revenue 300% YoY. This is testament to the fast-growing business and financial stability of our company. Sectona has a strong foothold thus far in India, Middle East and East African countries and have aggressively begun adequate marketing initiatives to penetrate and sustain newer markets including Europe. From a technology standpoint, Sectona’s Spectra PAM solution has proven Application to Application Password Management capabilities. This is highlighted in the report by Fisher where he mentions “It’s up to speed with features such as application to application password management by using APIs and SSKs (Software Support Kits) for many platforms”. Spectra also has built-in Privilege Elevation and Task Automation capabilities. This is also rightly mentioned in the report stating Spectra “offers some degree of automation with Privileged Task Management”. Where We are Headed Our commitment to innovate and address more genuine and practical areas of concern around privileged access has never ceased. We continue to develop and enhance our PAM product capabilities to make it a more value-driven offering for organizations. Some of our innovative capabilities for the near future include: DevOps – Secrets Management Sectona is currently working towards making its DevOps secrets management module available by the 3rd quarter of this year. Sectona has always believed in a future vision and had started developing around DevOps secrets management last year. This thought process is also validated by KuppingerCole where they identify DevOps in organizations as one key contributor to the growth of the PAM market. To add to it, Paul Fisher highlights that Spectra “is well positioned to manage DevOps and containerization demands in the future”.  Privileged Account Governance While Spectra has taken care of the customizable reporting and dashboard part in its current version, roadmap includes a dedicated PAG (Privilege Account Governance) module providing privileged access certifications and valuable insights related to the state of privileged access. This again is in line with some of the advanced capabilities that PAM solutions will be expected to have, as stated in the report.
Vishal Thakkar May 10, 2020

We Have Got You Covered

Like many of us, our team is constantly monitoring the evolving situation of Covid-19. While the current situation remains uncertain, we persistently continue to take assertive actions to help ensure that our employees and key partners remain healthy and strong.  Here at Sectona, safety and health of our customers, our employees & those we serve is paramount. I want to assure you that as an organization, we are doing everything we can to take necessary precautions and ensure safety of our employees. With that said, our operations have not been impacted or stopped and you can continue to rely on us for technical support in these times.   Our professional services and support teams are working round the clock and you can reach us anytime by writing to your customer success lead or to or through your dedicated support contact. Alternatively, you may already have a support ID created on the Sectona Support Portal, you may raise your concern or query over the same and our support team will connect with you for assistance. We understand that many users might be accessing your IT systems from home. Should you require any assistance that can secure their access further, we are happy to help and advice. We hope for things to return to normal soon, until then, please follow health and safety measures for yourself and your loved ones including personal hygiene, social distancing, work from home options and travel restrictions. Our hearts go out to all affected individuals and families around the world.
Avatar March 19, 2020

Clearing the air around false allegations on Sectona

Over the past few weeks, it has come to our attention via prospective customer and partner network about fake claims spread by competitors and/or unidentified sources regarding Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) issues against Sectona. Please note this is a hoax and there is absolutely no truth to it. Misleading allegations like these from leading players in the kind of mature industry segment that we operate in is deplorable. Unambiguously setting our stand here, we would like to assure customers evaluating our products and partners working with us that there are no IPR issues ever recorded against us in any country. We are committed to building a long-lasting and innovation centered company driven to securing enterprises against advanced attacks with our next-generation privileged access approach. Such propagandized tactics only further reinforces our belief in building a dignified and value-driven security company. Over the past two years, Sectona has achieved unprecedented growth and customer adoption across multiple geographies becoming a fast-growing product company. Enterprises are witnessing a transformation wave in security adoption and our innovation-driven approach is creating a new product experience that is being widely appreciated and embraced. Despite these rumors, we are thankful to all our customers and partners for standing by us and for showing faith in Sectona as well as fostering our ethical journey focused on customer success. Before signing off, I would like to sincerely thank the rumor-spreading sources for the publicity, we do appreciate the attention. :-)
Avatar November 12, 2019