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Accelerating Trust in Hyper-Collaboration World

Special moment for us as we announce the general availability of our first product & release of Spectra Advanced Privileged Access Management for both enterprises and managed service providers.

We have spent the last 9 months interacting with companies understanding the shift they are experiencing with privilege access security. What we have learnt from this exercise is that addressing user expectation is key to a successful privilege security program. With the explosion of cloud services and Apps & APIs, organizations need to constantly add capabilities that help them monitor & manage privileged accounts. It wasn’t long ago when IT was managing a handful of devices inside a locked room behind a firewall. Users today have gotten more savvy and are expected to accomplish more tasks. If users aren’t delighted, they find workarounds that leave gaps an expose organizations to security risks.

Privileged accounts are still one of the weakest links in most common insider and cyber-attacks. If only we could automate more tasks to reduce human errors, collaborate securely with teams and integrate evolving cloud based devices and services, we would achieve modern privileged password security.
Herein comes the rise of Spectra’s Theme – Privileged User Security with Collaboration

Hyper-Collaboration is needed today
To rewrite the code for secure collaboration for privileged users, it is highly important to tailor security code with general activities of the users. Spectra helps with secure collaborative access with deep session management capabilities to address the constant need for IT Teams to collaborate seamlessly with partners and consultants.

More Devices mean More Security
Imagine the scenario where you can automatically discover assets across cloud & virtualized environment + automatically assign policies for internal and external users + provision administrator accounts to allow secure and fast access for users – Yes this is possible and we call this Adaptive Access for Privileged Users.

Allow Access from Any Device

Administrators are looking for flexibility and security teams always need to balance security. Power Administrators are looking for modern and quick ways of accessing a device with tools they love. Remote users must have isolated access with limited privileges and support users should get easy & quick access. Spectra handles dynamic user needs with advanced cross-platform access capabilities for hybrid cloud environment.

We are re-imagining how today’s privileged users will interface with not just on-premise devices but also cloud based systems. We are a dedicated and committed team motivated to resolve these challenges.  I thereby encourage you to learn more about us and our product here at


Nitish Kumar

Nitish is CEO of Sectona Technologies. a software & security firm that provides solutions to organizations for security privileged & remote access. He is an avid read He regularly writes about new security trends around security & company culture.
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